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    Hungry Empty Hungry

    Post by Dénouement on Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:39 am

    So I've just finished The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Inheritance Cycle.
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    Hunger Games: Very compelling, but overall sucky. Took 6 days to finish it all since the days to finish a book corresponded to the book number. If you think about it without ties, it is a pretty good series. Too bad Suzanne Collins forces special bonds with the characters upon you. All the best characters die, and she FUCKING MARRIES PEETA. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIM. Stupid. ~grumble grumble~ When you finish, you'll find yourself wishing she had ended at the first book. Then you wouldn't meet Finnick though. Can't miss what you've never had I suppose. It's a very curious read as it's in the first person perspective. Curious for me anyway since I read all 3rd person books. But it's good. Nice thrill. Panem et circenses!

    Inheritance: JUST GO AND FUCKING READ IT. It's so good. It's quite long, so take that into account. I particularly love stories where everything mentioned has a part later on, and this fulfills that. It's beautiful, so go read it. NOW

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    Hungry Empty Re: Hungry

    Post by Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:55 am

    Hunger gammeeess. I love this trilogy. I want to watch teh movie. laff

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