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    Orphan Empty Orphan

    Post by Dénouement on Sat Jan 28, 2012 3:00 am

    I am aware that an orphan is one who has lost their parents through death, but I'm not aware of a word that describes someone who has lost their parents not through death. So I'm sticking with orphan.
    This is a major Work In Progress. I have 8 chapters done on paper, and what I'm uploading now, as of 27-1-12, is what I've been typing for around an hour. I ended up changing in the typed version since part of the paper one sounds awkward.
    SO LET'S GO.
    Chapter 1 INCOMPLETE:

    Ring! Ring!
    A deafening boom shook the building as the bells rang. Olerex,
    the first to awaken of those sleeping, dreaded the next few moments. He knew
    that, as per usual, the next moments would be filled with chaos.

    I suppose I should explain. First
    off, I am Steven. I am a thoughtform, a rare and human-like collaboration of
    thoughts created by a very powerful being. There aren’t many thoughtforms and I’ve
    met most of them during my travels. Depending on the thoughts from which we
    were formed, we are granted various abilities. I, for example, was particularly
    proficient in matters regarding life and death.

    Now for
    back-story: Olerex was a half-demon in the world of . In this world, so many years ago,
    war raged constantly. On the surface, it was simply magic versus non-magic, but
    everyone involved knew of the wars on either side. On the side of magic, it was
    war against 3 races: Demons, Angels, and Infinitians (Those who were neither
    Demons nor Angels, but could use magic just as proficiently). With humans, they
    fought between those who believed in a higher being, those who believed in
    nothing but themselves, and those who simply were machines, proceeding through
    life under the commands of others. In
    the two parties raging war, war raged. Blood was more abundant than water, and
    red covered almost every sight to be seen.
    Back then, the spark of war was unknown, but it didn’t really matter to
    the involved. At the time, society was at its breaking point; war was

    was born in the beginning. His village would not see the war until after the birth
    of his siblings, but it was his fault that it came to the village at all.

    even though war was not in the village, the village held great prejudice
    against anyone that was not an Infinitian. Due to this, Olerex’s mother was put
    at a severe disadvantage due to being a full demon. One day, a man, claiming to
    be help, came to her and struck a deal. In exchange for safety from her fellow
    villagers, she would provide him with various “services.” This continued until Olerex’s
    mother had gained an abnormal amount of weight. This sent the man fleeing for
    reasons unknown to Olerex’s mother. Eventually, great pain came to her, and she
    was forced to seek out the town doctor. Much to her surprise, she was pregnant.

    Now I know what you’re thinking: “How can she
    not have known she was pregnant?” Well, Olerex’s mother had no one in her life
    after the age 10. Her parents died of a fatal disease, and she was forced to
    roam the lands until she came upon this village. She had never even heard of
    pregnancy, and simply did not where babies came from, unfortunately for her.

    In the
    magical world, it is seen as a sign of a worthless child if the child cries
    right after birth. Magical children are expected to register the annoyance of
    the sound, and, in many cases, are expected to speak instead.

    suppose I should also explain something else before we move on.
    Chapter 1 Response: So this is the basic basic background. All the next chapters explain how they got to where they are when the bells toll, and I'm not nearly done yet. I don't expect you to think much of it now, since barely anything has been done. Perhaps you can pick up on my style, since most of this sounds like rest. Also, I hope one of you notices the code of the story. It has no message yet, but it will get one. Sebald. AND KAI, YOU BETTER FUCKING READ THIS. It is imperative. I mean, KAIIII Read this please? For those who knew about my game, well now it's a book. I'll upload more at various milestones, but this enough for tonight, methinks.

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    Orphan Empty Re: Orphan

    Post by Dénouement on Sun Apr 22, 2012 1:47 pm

    Hello! I will now insert more words to be above the minimum word count.

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    Post by Guest on Sun May 13, 2012 10:13 pm

    sometimes you must say to yourself


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