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    【READ】Applying for Graphic Designer.


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    【READ】Applying for Graphic Designer. Empty 【READ】Applying for Graphic Designer.

    Post by cool on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:59 pm

    You do not have to follow a specific format as you may express yourself with no limits.

    However, please include the basics:
    In-Game Name:
    How long have you been designing/drawing?:
    Are you an Illustrator or Graphic Designer?: Illustrator means you draw. Graphic designers means you work with Photoshop or some other various program to create/edit digital images.
    You must include at least ten examples of your work. (Please order them from newest to oldest.)
    Please also attach a poll to your thread. It has to be in this order or I won't count your poll.
    Title of Poll [Make up a poll title of your own]
    5 - Excellent
    4 - Good
    3- Okay/Average
    2 - Below Average
    1 - Poor


    • Use correct grammar and spelling so it will bring you a better impression upon yourself!
    • HTML/CSS coding for websites such as Tumblr qualifies for the graphic designer position and may be included as your example. (Please indicate the URL of the website you have designed.) Codes must be made from SCRATCH though.
    • Space out each paragraph and bold your paragraph titles so it's easier to read.
    • Try making your application interesting and unique by adding in a banner or spice it up with color! (Don't pick really ugly colors though...)
    • HAVE CONFIDENCE. Don't be hesitant by saying, "oh but i don't think i'll make it but..." Show that you really want this position!

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