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    A Whole Empty A Whole

    Post by Dénouement on Tue Nov 15, 2011 2:53 am

    A Whole 2752390508 HOW CUTE.
    Anyway, post any series or books or any type of writing that you've read at any point in your life that you believe is recommendable to others.

    I'll start, biensur:
    The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel [Series, gives Harry Potter a run for its money. Ends May 2012]
    Harry Potter [Overall nice imagination. Should you take upon it, tread lightly in your imagination, for you shall see flaws.]
    A Series of Unfortunate Events [Witty, Charming, Dark, Easy to read, the list goes on and on. Definitely the best series I've ever read. It shall leave you with warmth. The warmth of your tears. New spinoff series starts 2012.]
    A Tale of Two Cities [Very dark book, but very very hard to read.]
    Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases [A spinoff to Death Note. Nice quick read.]
    Septimus Heap [Another mystical series, good passing time and easy book. I stopped after the 4th, but it is at 6 now.]
    The Circle Opens, The Circle Returns, and The Will of the Empress [Very easy and short series. Nice magical field.]
    The House of Scorpion [One of the few Non Magical books I am fond of. Futuristic and fun. Thrill and tears.

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